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Pinterest intros Place Pins so you can map out all the places you'll go


Pinterest doesn't want to just be the place you hoard random internet goodies, or aspirational items for hobby boards -- it wants to become a real social tool. And it's doing that today with Place Pins: private or collaborative travel maps highlighting local places of interest and recommendations. If it sounds like Foursquare without the obnoxious check-ins and "Mayor of..." notifications, that's because it is -- the company's API is powering these pins. Maps loaded up with recommendations for good eats and sights to see can be created in tandem with new boards or added to existing ones and feature all the necessary contact info, like address and phone number, you want when looking up where to go. Pinterest's even set up a feed dedicated to Place Pins(piration) and curated by notable travel outfits like Condé Nast Traveler, Airbnb, Fodor's and others, so you can get a sense of how it works. It's pretty simple, but useful stuff. Now, all you need is a good cluster of jet set friends to get the recommendations rolling and maybe some cash to actually get you out of Podunk and into those real-world, pinned places.

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