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Harrison: Microsoft 'working unbelievably hard' to meet Xbox One demand


Microsoft is "working unbelievably hard" to keep up with Xbox One hardware demand in the face of pre-order sell-outs in the UK, corporate vice president Phil Harrison told GamesIndustry International during an interview at last night's launch event at Leicester Square in London.

"Because of the pre-order volumes we are going to be sold out," Harrison said, referring specifically to the console's pre-release demand in the UK.

Harrison added: "We're working unbelievably hard [...] to match demand. I can only apologize in advance to anybody who is let down before Christmas, we don't want to lose a sale, clearly, and we'll work hard in our operations and our manufacturing supply chain and obviously with our retail partners to make sure we catch up as quickly as we can."

Harrison notes that a second wave of Xbox One hardware will hit store shelves in the UK before Christmas, allowing retailers to allocate stock in response to customer demand. Harrison did not clarify whether the console's pre-holiday resupply is planned for the UK only, or if restocks are also scheduled for North America and other regions.

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