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MediaFire brings cloud storage integration to Windows and Mac


Up until now, you'd have to access MediaFire's web interface if you want to use its cloud storage service on your computer. While the browser-based UI isn't anything complex, the company's new OS X and Windows apps make storing files in the cloud comparably easier. Similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, MediaFire's desktop clients integrate your cloud-based folders with OS X Finder or Windows Explorer. Both versions automatically sync across devices whenever you upload, and they let you share files straight from your desktop with social media contacts. As a bonus, you can use their camera icons to take screen snapshots, which you can then annotate (à la Skitch) before sharing with friends.

The apps are now available for download, but as they're still in beta, they might come with some performance hiccups. If you're an early adopter who wouldn't mind 50GB of free storage space (higher capacities come at a price), though, click through the source below.

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