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Potluck's new iPhone app encourages you to chat about the daily news

Sharif Sakr

The world needs more social networks like it needs more politicians. Then again, we've got some time for Potluck, if only because the service is financially backed by Ev Williams and Biz Stone -- two guys who have form when it comes to spotting a good idea. Potluck's iOS app, which has just benefited from a major overhaul, throws curated news stories at you one by one. Then it asks you to tap "yay" or "nay" depending on whether you find the topic enticing -- a bit like the way Tinder works, but applied to headlines instead of scary faces. If a particular story sparks your imagination and urge to banter, the app connects you with friends who've read the same article so that you can right the world's wrongs together. Or, you know, find even nastier things to say about poor old Miley Cyrus.

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