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GTA San Andreas landing in December with enhanced graphics and support for iOS 7 game controllers


For many people, December is a wonderful month full of family and cheer. For others, it's a cold, hellish nightmare of stress. For those readers looking for just a little escape this holiday season, might we suggest the warm sunny streets of San Andreas. Drive along the boardwalk. Meet new and exciting people, and then carjack them. That's right, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to iOS.

Rockstar Games has announced the PS2/Xbox classic will be making its iOS debut this December in a newly upgraded mobile release. Featuring remastered graphics, increased draw distance, an enhanced color palette and improved character and car models, Rockstar says this is the best San Andreas has ever looked. And exploring has never been easier thanks to a reworked checkpoint system, that makes for less backtracking when the dangers of San Andreas catch up with you.

But wait: There's another layer of gumdrops on Rockstar's gingerbread house of joy, crime sprees and destruction. GTA: San Andreas for iOS will feature a brand-new, contextual touch control option that displays buttons only when you need them. The game also comes with "Made for iOS" controller capability on iOS 7.

Android, Kindle and Windows Mobile gamers will also be getting a version of the game.

Rockstar will be announcing more details in the coming weeks, including pricing and an official release date.

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