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Kickstarter campaign hopes to give busted iPhones a second life as practical decor


Seeing a cracked iPhone screen or a stray home button usually means you're in for a few tears and probably a hefty repair or replacement bill. Twice Used, a project striving for funding on Kickstarter, turns that feeling on its head by repurposing busted iPhone parts into new items ranging from wearable accessories to home decor.

A half-dozen busted glass iPhone back panels turns into a eye-catching picture frame; a handful of abandoned home buttons becomes a stylish bracelet; and a hundred cracked screens line up to become a conversation-starting coffee table. It's an interesting idea to be sure, and given that there is likely no shortage of mishandled iPhones to salvage pieces from, it's a business that could catch on.

If you pledge to the Twice Used Kickstarter campaign, your goods should be arriving between December of this year and February of 2014 -- if the project reaches its US$10,000 goal, that is.

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