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Sync Photos to storage is a simple way to get your photos onto your Mac

Mel Martin

Sync Photos to Storage (free with an in-app purchase option) makes moving your photos to your desktop computer effortless and automatic. When you take a new photo, the app moves the photo to your computer via a free app that resides on your Mac. There is also a Windows client coming soon.

WiFi is required for the transfer, so when you return from a vacation or a day taking pictures there will be a quick dump of whatever is on your camera roll. Setup is easy. Your iOS device and your computer running the app discover each other automatically. If you don't specify, a folder is created inside your pictures folder and all your photos are downloaded there. You can switch the location after setup if you like.

The free version gives you the ability to send one photo at a time over, which could get tedious. The U.S. $1.99 add-on will dump everything. The add-on is on sale for $0.99 thru Friday.

It all works well, but I'd like more control. The free app is one photo at a time, the paid add-on gives you everything at once, but I'd like to see something in between. I don't want to save all my photos, so there should be an option to check off the ones that transfer if that is my desire.

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The app supports videos as well as photos, and detects what content is new. It won't send the same photo over and over. There is also an option to save your photos to Dropbox.

Of course, Apple has Photo Stream which is similar, but this system is not cloud based which I think can be a reliability advantage. The sync Photo system moves your images without resolution restrictions, and there is no counter running on the number of transfers. Sync Photos is not for sharing or creating web pages, it just gets your photos and videos off your iOS devices and into more permanent storage on your Mac or PC. Operation is straightforward, and really automatic if you add the Pro in-app purchase.

I think getting good use out of the app requires the in-app purchase, but it is reasonably priced for the functionality.

A similar app for IOS is the Photo Transfer App which gets good reviews in the app store.

Sync Photos requires iOS 6.1 or later. It is a universal app and is optimized for the iPhone 5. The Mac client requires OS X 10.8 or later and a 64 bit processor.

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