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EverQuest Next devs talk lore delivery in latest roundtable response

MJ Guthrie

Lore -- love it or leave it? EverQuest Next's 15th roundtable response focuses on the recent question posed to players: What is your favorite way to consume lore? In the video, Lead Content Designer Steve Danuser and Senior Brand Manager Omeed Dariani tackle the idea of how to deliver that game lore, especially when the vast majority of respondents voted for a mixture of methods.

Danuser talked about taking a different approach to how story is delivered; NPCs talking, cutscenes, and such are all tools in devs' story-telling toolbox (and will be utilized in the game), but they're not the only ways. "We don't rely on those to get the story across for you," he said. "We want you to be exploring the world and having this very dynamic story playing out." Players can take lore or leave it, just play or seek out deeper stories. Find a library of ancient tomes? You can read them or not -- it's up to you. Catch all the details in the video below.

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