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Amazon mocks Jony Ive, iPad Air in new Kindle Fire HDX ad


Amazon has released a new commercial in which it subtly mocks Jony Ive while comparing the new iPad Air with the new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch tablet. The commercial features two voice actors, one with a British accent talking about the "magical" iPad Air, and the other with an American accent talking about the Kindle Fire HDX. Throughout the ad, the Brit talks about the iPad Air's amazing screen, weight and price while at every point being countered by the American who explains the Kindle Fire HDX has more pixels, is lighter and costs less.

While the ad forgoes Apple's customary white background and doesn't show a designer with a shaved head, it's obvious that the British voice is supposed to be a cheap imitation of Apple's star British designer, Ive. All in all, the ad is pretty successful in its tone, never veering into insulting. Still, however, its comparisons between the iPad Air and the Kindle Fire HDX are a little forced as the two tablets feature very different build materials and different screen sizes.

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