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The Queue: Kerry Gammill

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

While I don't keep up with many comics nowadays, I was always a big fan of Kerry Gammill, who was a pretty big name in the 80's and 90's. These four panels are from his run on Superman, during a storyline after John Byrne left the book and Supes was flying around in space trying to shed his guilt over having killed General Zod (yes, Superman killed General Zod in the comics a good two decades before he did it in the movies) - this particular sequence is near the end of the storyline. Superman's been dragged through a series of gladiatorial combats on a planet called WarWorld, much of his power has been depleted by his travels, and now he's facing the big bad himself, Mongul, in a hand to hand showdown to try and save the life of another gladiator, a guy named Draaga. (They adapted an episode of Justice League in the early 2000's from this story.)

I've always just liked these four panels. Gammill was at the top of his game here, and he really gave us a sense of the all or nothing stakes of this one, last punch and showed us, without having Superman say anything like "This is it, I'll put all my strength into one last punch" exactly how that would play out. It's a really great series of panels. Gammill went on to design monsters and do storyboards for movies, but I've always felt his run on Superman was really underrated. And I admit I laugh a little seeing Superman rocking the beard and sandals look.

Anyway, some questions.

Panda Gonzalez asks:
Q4TQ: do you think Frostwolf clan will be fully commited to the Iron Horde?

From what we heard at Blizzcon, no. It seems likely that the Frostwolves will be helping out our Horde, in some fashion, as the Frostwolves are big players in Frostfire Ridge, which is the Horde starting zone on Draenor.

Seren asks:
Do you think our Draenei will introduce Draenor's Draenei to Shamanism or will Draenor's Draenei discover it some other way?

It's entirely possible that the draenei of Draenor won't even discover shamanism. Our draenei discovered it because a broken, Nobundo, lost his connection to the Holy Light (he was a paladin) and in his misery at feeling abandoned was open to discovering the elemental spirits, who were themselves traumatized by the destruction that turned Draenor into Outland. Since there will likely be no broken and no destruction of Draenor this time, there may be no catalyst to allow some draenei to make contact with the spirits of the elements.

EWOKinLA asks:
QFTQ Is there a particular Draenei you would like to see have a storyline in WoD?


First up, Tamuura. She got an action figure. She's a draenei mage (magic is one of the big things draenei are supposed to be super awesome at). And she has never appeared in anything else ever. Seriously, we know nothing about Tamuura other than she has a neat set of robes on. Do something with her already, Blizz. We need more cool mages in the lore.

Secondly, Ishanah, head of the Aldor. I really want to see what she's doing. Especially if we get to see this Draenor's version of her. We know that the Iron Horde is occupying this world's Shattrath... what are the Aldor doing about it? We know that Velen used to lead the Aldor directly, so High Priestess Ishanah likely reports directly to him, but the Aldor were always keepers of the sacred places of Draenei culture (like Auchindoun and Karabor) and I really want to see what they were doing at this time.

There are tons more - Yrel, of course, Dornaa, Restalaan, Iridi (she may still be alive on this Draenor) - but that's a whole column on its own, isn't it?

RenTavi asks:
QfthQ: I was out of WoW for some time and I'm hoping someone can help me out. When they have all the realms connected (that I keep seeing announcements about) does that mean we'll be able to trade with anyone, send mail to anyone, join guilds, etc. as long as it's the same faction?

No, because they're not planning on connecting all realms into one gigantic super-realm. However, if you're on a realm that is connected to three other realms, you can trade, send mail, join guilds and so on with anyone on one of those four realms. It won't be all of WoW, just between realms that are connected to one another.

Dudeguy_Mandude asks:
I've only done one dungeon in Pandaria, is it worth it to check out the heroics? If I jump into the Dungeon Finder now with zero knowledge, but with DBM of course, will I be a burden?

If you're just interested in gearing up fast to run LFR, then no, it's not worth it. Timeless Isle is the fastest way to get geared enough for LFR - just run around opening chests for Timeless pieces and you'll be in 496 gear pretty fast. If you like five man dungeons, want to farm up some valor or collect some transmog gear, then sure. Some of the dungeons (Gate of the Setting Sun, Scholomance) are a lot of fun in my opinion. As for being a burden, it's really not likely - people blow dungeons up nowadays.

Chris Mayhew asks:
I'm looking for a flying mount that says holy priest, any thoughts?

Mimiron's Head goes with everything. Failing that, the Swift Windsteed seems pretty holy.

gazaa07 asks:
Q4tQ: Considering that Garrosh had (will) create the Iron Horde, what's the chance that Garrosh is actually dead and that now (6.0) Kil'Jaden is running the Iron Horde and trying to get the Orcs to drink the blood without arousing suspicion?

I don't know the odds on that - I don't think that's what will happen based solely on the fact that Gul'dan is around and kicking in this Draenor. But we'll find out.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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