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Wintersday livestream to offer sneak peek into Guild Wars 2's new content

MJ Guthrie

Just as winter returned this year, so, too, will Guild Wars 2's Wintersday holiday! The six-week celebration, dubbed A Very Merry Wintersday, brings with it some seasonal content for players to enjoy. Kicking off on December 10th, the festival features plenty of events and activities, from Toymaker Tixx's workshop to Toypocalype to the Bell Choir. The whimsical Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle also returns. And as befitting any good winter holiday, players will be able to belt one another with snowballs!

Besides all the holiday cheer, this Wintersday release also includes new healing skills (one for each profession) and Ascended armorcrafting (which allows those plying the armormaking trade to raise their skill to 500).

Why wait until the 10th to get into the Wintersday spirit? Check out the Wintersday video and screenshots below, and tune in to the devs' livestream preview on Monday, December 9th at 3:00 p.m. EST.

[Source: ArenaNet press release]

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