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Final Fantasy 8 finds romance, action on Steam


Final Fantasy 8, the soapiest of the series, which is saying a lot when you remember Final Fantasy X2 exists, is available now on Steam. Join Squall and company as they blow through (when not halted by summoning animations) a classic JRPG adventure against an evil sorceress.

The Steam version also includes Chocobo World, a Pocket Station (device not released outside Japan) game that synched with the core game. According to the Steam description, "It is possible to play Chocobo World directly from the launcher after booting up FF8 and by fulfilling certain specific conditions in the main game you will also be able to synchronize data between the two games."

The game is priced at $11.99, same as Final Fantasy 7, which is also available on Steam.

[Thanks, Mortimer]

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