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C Spire kicks off pre-registration for its Mississippi gigabit fiber service


C Spire, the regional wireless carrier with gigabit-sized dreams, has just announced that residents in nine Mississippi cities can now pre-register for its home fiber program. The southern US-based company recently revealed its plans to join Google, AT&T and others by taking a similar tack to Mountain View: making municipalities convince them they needed it. Candidates will need to put down a $10 deposit for the service, which C Spire says will run $80 for internet only and up to $160 for internet, home phone and cable TV services. During the ramp up, denizens of the candidate "fiberhoods" will be able to view progress maps, which will turn green when pre-registration rates hit 35-45 percent. Once a critical number of the 80 neighborhoods are on board, construction will begin. If you're in one of the finalist cities you can check your eligibility and sign up if you feel the need for speed -- otherwise, count on some neighborly peer-pressure.

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