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    Daily iPhone App: Radar Cast helps you stay on top of the weather


    I live in Maine, which means I get the sun before everyone else, and the weather usually later. This past week is a great example. Winter storm Dion has allowed me to track the storm's progress as it made its way from the panhandle of Texas all the way to the easternmost part of my home state. My app of choice to follow this storm was Radar Cast Elite from WeatherSphere.

    The radar app is chock-full of features, but the most important one is its past and future radar images. The app shows a storm's movement by including both previous radar images and future ones to predict where a storm is headed. It plays these images back in a loop, allowing you to see the track of a storm. You can change the duration of time displayed in the radar loop as well as the loop speed to fine-tune what you see. These past and FutureCast radar images provide an excellent look at your weather conditions right now. They also show how conditions will change in the immediate future.

    Besides its convenient radar images, the app has a handful of other helpful features. There are weather forecasts, severe weather warnings, hurricane tracks, real-time lightning strikes and more. The app can even show storm start and stop times on the map, which, along with the weather-based driving directions, will help you plan your daily travels around hazardous conditions.

    RadarCast is great for weather aficionados looking for another radar app to add their collection. It's also perfect for folks who want to monitor the weather in real time so they can adjust their plans accordingly.

    Radar Cast Elite is available in the iOS App Store for US$2.99. Some features like pilot weather data and tide charts require an in-app purchase of $9.99 or less.

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