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PSN Tuesday: Doki-Doki Universe, free Borderlands 2 on PS Plus


This week's PlayStation Store update is headlined by the painfully cute Doki-Doki Universe, a game about empathy and space exploration. In our review, we called the cross-buy PS3/PS Vita game "uplifting in a way that few games are; it will make you more optimistic about the world around you, and it'll make you feel like a better person for playing it."

On the PS Plus side, the PS3 version of Borderlands 2 is this week's free download for subscribers. The PSN Holiday Sale also continues unabated, with discounts on Tomb Raider, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Dragon's Crown, Spelunky and more. In addition to that, Saints Row: The Third: The Full Package and Dead Island Riptide have had their prices permanently reduced.

For the full list of this week's content, head on over to the PlayStation Blog.


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