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PlayStation Europe decks its halls with Saints Row 4, Velocity Ultra deals


This is Deal 6 of PlayStation Europe's 12 Deals of Christmas, practically the halfway point in essentially a December's worth of PSN savings. Today's is a good one for those who missed out on Velocity Ultra when it was on PlayStation Plus. The puzzler/shoot-em-up hybrid is down to £2.39 (€3/AU$4.35) on Vita, and stays at that price across today and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the super-crazy but super-good Saints Row 4 plummets from its lofty PSN price of £50 to the much more affordable figure of £20 (€30/AU$340) - it's also staying discounted for 48 hours. If you're looking to shave off some more savings, a PlayStation Plus subscription razors a further 10 percent on both games.

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