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Around Azeroth: These foolish games


Morg'thak knew his love would always be forbidden. An orc and a night elf? Impossible! Sure, he'd only seen his beloved Alyswen through those blurry profile pictures they'd exchanged online, but clearly they were meant to be together. So they arranged to meet up for a clandestine game of Hearthstone in the Shrine of Two Moons. When he arrived, he was shocked to find that his lovely lady night elf was in reality ... a boring old troll dude! Such deception! Admittedly, his own pictures were maybe a little more flattering than could be considered strictly honest, and Alyswen somehow seemed to be under the impression that he was meeting a female draenei. (Photoshop and filters have nothing on a handy Ultrasafe Transporter.) Disappointed that their inter-faction romance had lost its forbidden quality, they vowed to never speak of it again and went their separate ways.

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