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Massively previews WildStar's character creation, housing, Engineer, and Medic


What do you get when you throw a bunch of Massively writers into the WildStar beta for a week and tell them they can roll a million characters, play the new classes, and muck around with floating houses in the sky? You get today's embargo-lift extravaganza, that's what, and a whole bunch of bunnygirls. Massively's Eliot Lefebvre, Justin Olivetti, and Gavin Townsley trekked to the planet Nexus and back to relate their deep-dive hands-on experience with the upcoming sci-fi MMO's character creation, Medic, and Engineer, as well as a take fresh look at the updated housing system. Enjoy our complete coverage!
Massively's hands-on with WildStar's character creation
Eliot tinkers with character customization, judging WildStar's somewhere between the extremes of World of Warcraft and City of Heroes. Expect an expert opinion on hair styles and body sliders.
Massively's hands-on with WildStar's housing system
In the wake of the latest housing demo, Gavin explains the differences between sockets, plugs, and buff boards, and then repeats rumors of a strip club for small stuffed animals.
Massively's hands-on with WildStar's Engineer
Justin is a sucker for Engineers: "This is my rifle and this is my gun; this is for fighting and this is for statistical improvements that help my gearscore for the inevitable raid gating."
Massively's hands-on with WildStar's Medic
Eliot covers the feel of WildStar's hard-to-master melee healer and his role in the overall environment:
"Sure, I had moments of frustration, but I certainly wasn't ever bored."

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