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The quest you had to (or wanted to) skip

A lot of the time, World of Warcraft is fun and lighthearted, like the quests Mylune gives you in Hyjal to save adorable animals. Even though you sometimes saved said animals by kicking them (lovingly, of course), the overall tone of the quest was awfully silly. You run into moments like this a lot in WoW, with pop-culture references and in-jokes that make you crack a smile. But as silly as things sometimes get, WoW tells some dark stories, too -- like the whole of the death knight starting zone or the Caverns of Time taking you back to when Arthas culled the city of Stratholme. You thought you were playing a hero, and suddenly you find you're meant to be executing civilians. In particular, I've always found the death knight quests particularly trying to finish -- not because they're difficult, but because I just don't want to do them. But, of course, if you plan on playing a death knight, there's no way around them.

So readers, what are the quests in the game have sent you somewhere you just didn't really want to go? And did you finish them or skip past them?

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