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Coinpunk swoops in as a mobile Bitcoin wallet app alternative


It's been a month since Apple began culling the App Store herd of Bitcoin wallet apps, with Coinbase being the most notable victim of the purge. But there is a new player in town, and it's billing itself as "a mobile Bitcoin wallet Apple can't ban." I don't know 'bout ya'll, but where I come from, them's fightin' words!

It's called Coinpunk, and its secret to being unbannable is that it's not an app to begin with. Instead, it's an HTML-based service that acts as a mobile Bitcoin wallet, and is designed to be super easy to use via a smartphone web browser. So yes, Apple can't ban it any more than it could ban a website from rendering on its smartphones or tablets.

Wired recently spoke with Coinpunk's creator, Kyle Drake, about his motivations behind creating the service and his outlook on the future. Give it a read if you're hungry for a bit of behind-the-scenes details.

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