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Unearth minecarts, new food in Minecraft: Pocket Edition update


If you've been getting your Minecraft fix on the go via the mobile-exclusive Minecraft: Pocket Edition, consider this your lucky day: A new, free update has added minecarts, rails and a host of other additions to this portable member of the Minecraft family.

The biggest additions are obviously the minecarts, rails and powered rails that should make setting up your own blocky mining business a relatively simple affair. New blocks have also been added to the game, lending your creations iron bars, new versions of wood, haybales and other items. Likewise, the virtual pantry has expanded and now players will find foods such as carrots, potatoes and pumpkins - some or all of which can be used in new cooking recipes.

Amazon's listing for the game has a full run-down on all the new additions, though if you'd prefer your game to come from a slightly different multinational corporation, you could always try Google Play or the iOS App Store to feed your blocky addiction.

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