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Final Fantasy XIV executive producer defends expensive housing costs


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Those following the recent housing fiasco in Final Fantasy XIV have been waiting on the official word from Square-Enix concerning the exorbitant costs for free company plots. Executive Producer Naoki Yoshida finally did just that, delivering a lengthy defense of the studio's decision while promising that upcoming personal housing will be much less expensive.

Yoshida said that the high cost in intended to prevent wealthy players from snapping up all of the plots and that all players will be earning more money with patch 2.1. "I understand that, in taking these measures to ensure even distribution of land, we are asking for considerable patience from those players who are eager to enjoy housing right away," he said. "While I sympathize with players concerns, we believe that this is in the best long-term interests of the game."

Yoshida's team forecasts that 80% of current free companies will be able to buy a small plot of land within three months of the patch going live. He also said that prices will begin to fall on unpurchased plots of land every six hours and that the team is looking into expanding servers and housing areas.

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