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Creepy puzzle game Year Walk conquers Steam in early 2014


Quirky horror puzzler Year Walk is coming to Steam in early 2014 from developer Simogo. Year Walk explores the lore behind an ancient Swedish myth that saw townsfolk journey to church at midnight, passing through forests filled with beasts representing the most vile acts imaginable.

Year Walk hit iOS in February, and the desktop version is somewhere between a port and a complete remake, Simogo says. Some puzzles in the mobile version rely on touch and handheld-specific mechanics, and those have been redesigned or replaced to work with a keyboard and mouse.

"With the cursor you'll be able to interact with the world (and it'll quite neatly show you what things you can interact with when hovering above them), but we've also added a very subtle 'look-around' feature," Simogo says. "You can move the camera slightly depending on where the mouse cursor is on the screen. Imagine a classic first-person PC game mixed with a point and click adventure, and you're somewhat close. It feels really good!"

The companion app released with Year Walk is integrated into the Steam version, the art has been redone to accommodate larger screens, and there's a map and an optional hint system. Right now the only hint we have for a release date is "early" in 2014.

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