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Fragment lets you get creative with photo prism effects


Fragment is a new photo editor from Pixite, the makers of LoryStripes and Tangent. Like the developer's other apps, Fragment is a tool that is best in the hands of an artist who wants to take a plain photo and make it beautiful. We're not talking about regular contrast adjustments here. Fragment lets you apply a prismatic effect to photos that produces wonderful and unexpected results.

Similar to Tangent, Fragment allows you to apply a layer on top of a photo that contains a basic geometric shape. Depending on which shape you add, you can grab a chunk of the underlying photo, creating very interesting effects. This layer can be rotated, pinched or expanded to adjust its size and changed using a series of effects like blur, contrast, additive, brightness and more. You can apply these effects to the underlying photo layer as well. It sounds boring on paper, but it's not, especially in the hands of a creative person.

To understand how Fragment works, you really have to use it, but you can browse through Instagram and look for the #fragmentapp for examples like this one above from Junel Herrera. The effect is impressive in the hands of someone who has an eye for the surreal.

Fragment is available from the iOS App Store for US$0.99.

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