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Looking for Guild: Mixed bag

Shawn Schuster
January 3, 2014

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As we recover from the holiday insanity, we can now concentrate on getting back into some serious gaming again. This week's LFG column is a mixed bag of players looking for guilds and guilds looking for players. Hey, maybe they could help each other out! While most of the submissions are from Final Fantasy XIV players, we also have one from an Elder Scrolls Online guild leader looking to get set up properly before launch.

Follow along after the jump for the list and complete rules on how to submit your own LFG entry!

​Here's how it works: If you're looking for a guild, simply send an email to with the subject line "LFG" and tell me the following:

  • The name of your game of choice (include server name if applicable)
  • Your usual play times (day and time of day)
  • Your main character class
  • Any alt classes you enjoy
  • Your preferred playstyle
  • What you would bring to a guild
  • Your main character name or contact name in-game (will not be published)
The following week (or weeks), I will post all submissions, minus the last question. If you're a guild leader or officer who is interested in pursuing someone you see in the column, you'll simply email me at the above address with the subject line "LFM - (Game name here)," and I will act as the liaison between the guild and the guild-seeker. That way, no contact info will be made public, and connections can proceed in-game (or over email if you choose) at the discretion of the submitter.

Final Fantasy XIV
Gamers looking for a guild


Final Fantasy XIV (Cactaur Server, but there's nothing keeping me there and can transfer to another NA server)
Usual play times: Usually most weeknights (1-2 hours) and weekends (2-6 hours)
Main character class: Paladin (level 45)
Any alt classes: Armorer, Weaver, Goldsmith, and Miner at around level 20
Preferred playstyle: Tank is my main, but I'm looking at DPS job after Paladin gets to 50.
What I can bring: I am a laid back and easy going person who enjoys all aspects of FFXIV. I do not have the time commitment for the hardcore daily endgame FCs, but would like to join an FC that does endgame activities on weekends and daily dungeon/raid runs. I am a console player as well.

Game: Final Fantasy XIV (Faerie server)
Usual play times: Evenings and nights Pacific time, weekend days
Main character class: White Mage (50)
Any alt classes: Arcanist (20,) Thamaturge (14)
Preferred playstyle: Healer, also capable of limited DPS. Also have alt chars in both other roles. Avid RPer. Please note I prefer more selective guilds that give an applicant a probationary period rather than just accepting any applicants.
What I can bring: Just over a decade of MMO experience. A quick study and learner.

Game: Final Fantast XIV (Gilgamesh server)
Usual play times: Eastern time zone, evenings/night. Able to be more regular with a group to play with.
Main character class: BLM (just hit 30)
Any alt classes: I normally play healers, and I want to try out the Dragoon.
Preferred playstyle: Heal/support and DPS roles. Social, social, social. Whole point of these games is to play with people, so I like to talk and make merry.
What I can bring: A flexible player who isn't stuck having to do the same thing the same way over and over again. A new player looking to jump into the world (so I don't have any ingrained bad habits). Some interest in RP possibly, but my main focus is kicking some monster butt!

Guilds Looking for More

Game: Final Fantasy XIV (Ultros Server)
Guild name: Lumiere
Normal active times: All
What we're about: Composed of Ultros' finest, Lumiere has been around since the dawn of time, fighting in the nastiest places you could possibly imagine. Yes, even nastier than that one! Having lost many brothers and sisters along the way, we march ever more boldly into the darkness and seek out the best to continue the fight.
What we're looking for: We are an Equal Opportunity Free Company and consider applicants without regard to profession or whether they are an Elezen, Hyur, Lalafell, Miqo'te, or Roegadyn. In addition, we offer our members free hugs on a daily basis. Let that sink in for a minute. Free. Hugs.
How to apply: Head over to for an app, or contact Saint Michael or Kei'ra Amana in-game.

Game: Final Fantasy XIV (Gilgamesh server)
Guild name: Beyond Evil and Good
Normal active times: All
What we're about: We focus on skill, intelligence, and attitude above all else. We enjoy keeping the numbers under 50 so that each member can interact with one another and get that "community" feeling that is ever missing in large scale companies.
What we're looking for: "The fate of a Guild should not rest on the shoulders of one person, but through the combined efforts of its members." BEG is an end-game content FC established in 2001 with massive success in many MMOs over the years. If you believe you have amazing situational awareness, talent, positive attitude, and the ability to adapt on your feet, then you have found a home with other like-minded individuals.
How to apply: Contact Tempura in-game.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Guild name: Bloodline
Normal active times: Guild members are located all across the world, so you can look forward to the guild being active, regardless of when you log in. Guild events and scheduled roleplay are always posted on our calendars to give members advance notification.
What we're about: We are a heavy roleplay (RP) guild that retains activities in PvE and PvP, crafting, dungeon raiding (although it's not called raiding in ESO). We are here to provide a fun, friendly, and helpful guild for members who enjoy RP. We also welcome those that would like to try RP for the first time, as well will help them become accustomed to it.
What we're looking for: We are looking for people who enjoy RP and want to play ESO in either a PvE or PvP environment, crafting, running dungeons, and socializing with guild friends. We are an ages 18+ guild, but this can be negotiable for mature-minded players.
How to apply: Go to our website and submit an application. Applications are used to find out needed information about your character as well as you, the player. The application also helps us to provide RP for your character.

Are you looking for a new guild that shares your unique sense of humor and love of RP? Are you unable to find groupmates in your time zone? Are you a guild leader seeking a certain player to join your ranks? Join Senior Editor Shawn Schuster as he connects MMO guilds and guildies in Massively's Looking for Guild column.

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