Super Bowl XLVIII will be streamed for free on Fox Sports website and app

Updated ·1 min read

The past Super Bowl live streams have been wildly successful, so it's no surprise that fans will again be able to watch each touchdown online for the third year in a row. Fox Sports, the channel in charge of this year's coverage, will start broadcasting Super Bowl XLVIII (including Bruno Mars' halftime songstravaganza) on its streaming website and iOS app at 6:30PM on February 2nd. In addition to the big event (and the interesting commercials that go with it), Fox Sports will also stream its NFC coverage starting January 5th. According to Variety, only cable TV subscribers of certain providers can access the games, but Fox has yet to confirm that info. If that's true, well, fans can always watch the AFC playoffs on CBS' online portals instead.

[Image credit: Stephen Luke/Flickr]