This activity tracker lives in your shoe's insole

We're still several days out from CES, and we've already seen previews of a couple of fitness tracking devices. It's far, far too early to start talking overall trends for the show, but it seems pretty safe to suggest that we'll be seeing even more before the week is out. At the very least, Footlogger ("-logger," not "-locker," mind) offers a bit of an alternative to the standard wristband devices. The insole-based gadget is probably more in-line with those socks we saw the other day, but arguably has the potential to record even more detailed information about things like foot strike position - as for how such a product would stand up to the stress of of daily running, however, we certainly can't say.

3L Labs is talking up a wide range of potential uses for Footlogger's three-axis accelerometer and eight pressure sensors, including the standard activity tracking and sports recording fare. The company is also making some interesting healthcare claims here, including rehabilitation monitoring and even potential early disease prediction. You can check out the company's admittedly dated-looking site in the source link below.