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Fujifilm reveals the FinePix S1, a weather-ready 50x superzoom camera

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Fujifilm reveals the FinePix S1, a weather-ready 50x superzoom camera

Fujifilm is launching a quintet of point-and-shoots at CES, and one of them may be just the ticket for those who want both extreme zoom and weather resistance in a single camera. Its new FinePix S1 (above) packs a 50x (24-1,200mm) f/2.8-5.6 lens, yet is tough enough to survive the dust and rain; you can take that close-up concert photo even if you're stuck in lousy weather. The 16-megapixel shooter also offers WiFi image sharing, 10fps burst shooting, 1080p video, a 920,000-pixel electronic viewfinder and a tilting 3-inch LCD. The S1 will ship this March for $500.

The remaining FinePix models all share that 16-megapixel resolution, but sacrifice the S1's do-it-all design in the name of price. The S9200 and WiFi-equipped S9400W both share the 50x lens and 10fps burst mode, but lose the weather-hardened design and step down to a 200,000-pixel viewfinder. The entry S8600 moves to "just" a 36x (25-900mm) lens, 720p video and AA battery power. Photographers who need a truly rugged camera can pick up the XP70, a waterproof compact cam with 5x (28-140mm) optics and 1080p movie making. All four of these designs also arrive in March, with prices starting at $230 for the S8600 and XP70; the S9200 costs $330, while the S9400W is slightly costlier at $350.

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