Okidokeys gives you more options than you could ever possibly need to open your front door

Brian Heater
B. Heater|01.06.14

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We first got word of the Okidokeys smart lock system roughly an hour ago, and just now got a chance to see the thing in action -- well, we got a chance to see it in various states of disarray on a table at tonight's CES Unveiled event. The primary module hooks up to the lock on the inside of door, with no trace of the mechanism visible from the outside. Trigger it via your mobile device and it rotates to unlock the door. There's also a large button you can use to unlock it sans smartphone from the inside. The system starts at $179.

There's also a bundle priced somewhere in the mid-$200s, which will get you an RFID reader. The reader doesn't attach directly to the module, so you can put it anywhere on the exterior of the house to unlock via a bracelet or card you keep in your wallet. Or, if you're so inclined, you can still use your old-fashioned key. Using the Android or iOS app, you can also unlock the door remotely and grant access to users. The sets are available for pre-order now, with shipping set for spring. The company was also showing off a garage door module that works with its proprietary app. No word on pricing for that yet.

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Nicole Lee and Richard Lai contributed to this report.

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