Here's that $500 3D scanner for the iPad

That new consumer 3D scanner we told you about a little while ago? Here it is. Well, sort of. This iSense is actually a prototype, as you can probably tell from the 3D printed mold behind the camera. We asked CEO Avi Reichental if there was any possibility that the company might 3D print the casing at some point, to help future-proof the peripheral, and he certainly seemed open to the idea, though don't expect that in the version of the product shipping in Q2. At a cursory glance, the camera and the sensor appear similar -- if not exactly the same -- as the ones found on the sense. Around this, you'll find a brushed metal housing that helps the camera blend in a bit more with the iPad's backing.

As for why this unit is $100 more than the Sense, we suspect it has something to do with the much smaller form factor, which helps make this a truly portable scanner, with a Lightning cable that plugs directly into the tablet. We couldn't take a shot of the software, as that's also still firmly in the beta stage, though you can expect it to be pretty similar to what you get with the Sense.