Mad Catz's Tournament Edition Rat is lighter, faster and brighter

If you didn't have enough transforming mice in your cursor collection, Mad Catz has one more for you: the Rat TE (Tournament Edition). It's the latest in the company's line of formerly Cyborg-branded mousing products and is designed specifically, as the name implies, for professional and competitive gamers. That means it's lighter (to improve inertia, the company says), offers faster reaction times and has been outfitted with a new 8,200 DPI laser sensor. Mad Catz has also given the mouse the ability to adjust its lift-off height calibration, giving pro gamers one more aspect of play to fine-tune. That said, it's not exactly a dead-ringer for the original Rat -- the horizontal scroll wheel is missing and the ever-important sniper button is twice as large as the mouse's first design. Mad Catz hasn't announced the teal-accented mouse's price yet, but expect to see it ship in early 2014.