Hyundai and Kia tap SoundHound to help you identify music in your car

Always pulling out your smartphone to identify a song you've heard on your car radio? You'll no longer need to if you buy a new Hyundai or Kia model in the coming year. The Korean automakers have teamed up with sound-recognition specialist SoundHound to bring its music-discovery tools to select 2014 models in North America, Korea and China. The partnership will see Hyundai and Kia integrate music tagging directly into their infotainment systems, letting you pull up information on a song or artist with a press of the SoundHound icon. If you so choose, the app can keep a record of your searches, giving you the option to pull them up on a mobile device at a more suitable time.

One model that will definitely get SoundHound's music-discovery feature is Hyundai's 2015 Genesis sedan, which is already set to let owners remotely lock their cars, perform maintenance updates and send Google Maps directions to the car with Google Glass. Not content with that, the car maker is also one of the six founding members of the Open Automotive Alliance. As part of the alliance, Hyundai worked with Google to develop an Android-based version of its custom infotainment system, helping the search giant expand further into the world of connected cars.