Nike launches FuelBand SE Silver Edition, available January 19th for $169 (hands-on)

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Nike launches FuelBand SE Silver Edition, available January 19th for $169 (hands-on)

It hasn't been that long since Nike released a Rose Gold model of the FuelBand SE, and today the company's announcing another limited edition version of its activity tracker. The newly minted Silver Edition, which is part of the Metaluxe Collection, joins the Black, Pink Foil, Total Crimson, Volt and Rose Gold as a member of the current Nike+ FuelBand SE lineup. Nike's clearly done its research and knows there's a market for these shinier, special edition wearables; a quick browse through the outfit's website would tell you it is currently all sold out of the Rose Gold FuelBand SE.

Other than the obvious addition of a silver plate on the clip, don't expect any other changes out of this new FuelBand SE. Which is to say, the Silver Edition's functionality is exactly the same as is found on the cheaper, more colorful Sports Pack -- namely, features like tracking daily activities, measuring intensity of workouts and being able to share this information with friends. That being said, the Silver Edition is geared toward folks who prefer a subtler and sleeker version of Nike's FuelBand SE -- and, of course, it is a needed and very solid option if gold just isn't your thing.

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After trying it out, we can't deny our extreme fondness for the new chrome variant. And while there were some worries about it being a huge fingerprint magnet, we're happy to say this wasn't a noticeable issue and one that a quick T-shirt rub can't solve almost immediately. Now, is the stainless steel worth the extra 20 bucks? To some, perhaps. Either way, something tells us certain people won't mind shelling out the $169 when the Silver Edition hits shelves later this week, on January 19th. After all, you need a FuelBand to match that iPhone of yours, right?
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