Sony kicking off PS Vita PLAY rebate promotion tomorrow

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Sony kicking off PS Vita PLAY rebate promotion tomorrow
PlayStation Vita owners can earn some cash back by keeping up with the platform's latest releases over the next month as part of Sony's newly announced PS Vita PLAY campaign.

The offer gives $3 in PlayStation Store credit to players who purchase two featured games between January 21 and February 17. Buy three featured games and you'll get $6 back. Collect the whole set of four and Sony will send you a $10 rebate. PlayStation Plus members get an additional 20 percent discount during each respective game's launch week.

The promotion launches with tomorrow's release of the skateboard platformer OlliOlli, then continues next Tuesday with Namco Bandai's Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. Players can further boost their rebates by purchasing the custodial side-scroller, Dustforce, on February 4 and the Tempest-like arcade shooter, TxK, on February 11.
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