Verizon adds 250MB Share Everything plan for the extra-thrifty

Verizon's Share Everything plans may be convenient for multi-phone households, but they're not cheap -- even the 500MB tier can be pricey for those who don't need much data. To that end, the carrier is introducing a $20, 250MB shared data plan on January 21st. The new offering shaves about $20 off the base rate, and lets a single smartphone owner pay as little as $60 per month for full service; a customer with a basic phone pays $50 per month. With that said, the plan isn't exactly the bargain of the century. AT&T offers a slightly better 300MB for the same money, and 250MB is likely to run out quickly if there's at least one smartphone in the mix. It may be worth investigating what Sprint and T-Mobile have to offer if you want more data without paying a lot more for the privilege.