Zombie Driver HD publisher bankruptcy causes PSN Japan, XBLA delisting

Xav de Matos
X. Matos|01.22.14

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Zombie Driver HD publisher bankruptcy causes PSN Japan, XBLA delisting
Zombie Driver HD takes the wheel next week for XBLA, Steam, Android
Add the Exor Studios-developed Zombie Driver HD to the growing list of delisted downloadable titles. According to the developer, the XBLA and PSN Japan versions of Zombie Driver will soon be taken down due to the bankruptcy of its publisher Cyberfront Corporation.

"We are currently working on getting the game re-published on XBLA however we can not confirm at this time when or if this will happen. EXOR Studios owns the IP, but we can not publish the game ourselves due to Microsoft's policies," Exor COO Pawel Lekki tells Joystiq.

Though the vehicular combat game will also be pulled from the PlayStation Network in Japan due to its publisher's closure, Lekki says the company is already solving the issue with Sony, assuring the game will be back online "at a later time."

Perhaps ensuring a similar situation will be avoided in the future, Microsoft's Xbox One console allows for self-publishing in its digital storefront. Currently, Microsoft's policy on Xbox 360 only allows for titles to be submitted to its Xbox Live Arcade marketplace under the banner of an approved publisher.

Zombie Driver versions on Steam, PSN in the Americas and Europe, Windows Store and on Ouya are not affected by the game's publisher woes.

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