New human female character models revealed

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New human female character models revealed
Blizzard Senior Art Director Chris Robinson has been teasing us with heavily cropped images for a couple of weeks now, and the blog post he was alluding to has finally arrived, revealing the female human character model.

It's a sterling piece of work, you can really see how they've done their best to retain the look and feel of the original character, while removing the blockiness of the old model. And it looks to me like this is the best job they've done so far. The model has not changed in size or overall shape at all, with the exception of some slimming in the legs. This, frankly, makes them look more natural than the older shape. Instead, the original shape has been smoothed, and contours added, making it look so much better. The look of strength remains in the arms, she hasn't been given a super-flat belly, nothing has really changed.

And the face, which is where the greatest difficulty surely arises for the art team, is a faithful simile. While it's a highly subjective matter, it seems that they have managed to simultaneously maintain the shape and style of the original face, while bringing it up to date with the rest of the character models we've seen so far. The hair looks fantastic, as we've become accustomed to with the new models we've seen so far, and with Chris Robinson teasing that new hairstyles may become available at some point, it's exciting to see what they can achieve.

If you're curious about the other models, or want to see them all collected in one place, do have a look at our gallery, and hit the break for more human female images!

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