Path finally brings video to its Android app more than three years after iOS

Matt Brian
M. Brian|02.05.14

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In the fast and frenetic world of mobile, a three year wait for a simple feature Apple users already have might put you off using one of your favorite apps. But that's exactly what happened with Path, the once popular semi-private social network, which has taken an extraordinarily long time to bring video to its Android app. Following the launch of Path 3.4 on Google Play, Android users finally now have the option to record 30 second movies and apply a range of pre-selected filters, which can be shared to their private timeline alongside text, photo, location and other updates. While iPhone owners may welcome an influx of video shares by their Android counterparts, the fact it took over three years to roll out one Android feature and six months to fine-tune a new Windows Phone app means Path's recent mobile launches aren't likely to register on blip on Vine and Instagram's radar.

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