Even Fall Out Boy is ripping off Flappy Bird

Fall Out Boy games

Once you've collaborated with everyone from Lil Wayne to Elton John where does a multiplatinum, swoopy-haired emo band like Fall Out Boy go next? The answer is apparently ripping off viral mobile hits. Today, the saddest men in rock music announced via Twitter the upcoming release of "Fall Out Bird" once the app gets approved by the App Store.

rome (sic) wasn't built in a day, but this game was. in the spirit of Fall Out Boy Trail (, we bring you Fall Out Bird. coming this week to Google Play and The App Store (as soon it's approved). shoutout to the OG Flappy Bird, RIP

This isn't the band's first time dipping their toes in the water of tribute games. In 2009, the band released the aforementioned Fall Out Boy Trail where players reenact the famous Oregon Trail by pulling the band's van with oxen.

That game was surprisingly fun, so we're crossing our fingers the band can show the same respect for Flappy Bird that they showed that classic title.

Even if they don't, at least this current publicity stunt gave us this wonderful gif.