Nintendo to add more NES remixes, Game Boy Advance titles to Wii U this spring

Unless you still own a GameCube Game Boy Player, it's probably been awhile since you've seen a Game Boy Advance title up on the big screen. Come April, that could change: Nintendo announced today that the Wii U eShop will start carrying GBA classics this spring, starting with Metroid Fusion, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 (both of which were 3DS Ambassador bonuses, by the way) and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Naturally, Japan's getting a similar pen of classic releases, but its library of pending GBA games includes Mario Advance 2, WarioWare, Golden Sun, F-Zero and Advance Wars -- Japanese gamers were also teased with a price-point: ¥650 a pop (about $6.35).

If that's not enough nostalgic news to tide you over, Nintendo did have one more thing to announce. Remember when the company cherry-picked specific moments from a ton of classic NES games and released them in a mini-game bundle a few months back? It's at it again: NES Remix 2 is everything the original downloadable title was, only it's made from a collection of NES classics picked from later in the original Nintendo's life cycle. This means there will be remixed and scripted challenges from games like Punch-Out!!, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Metroid. The new Remix also includes a "new" full-game titled Super Luigi Bros. -- essentially a mirrored version of the NES classic with Mario's younger brother in the starring role. When was the "Year of Luigi" supposed to end again?