'All New' HTC One leaks again with a bright gold paint job

Possible image of the 2014 HTC One

Is there anything that hasn't already been leaked about HTC's photography-focused successor to the One? Not much, except that we haven't seen publicity renders quite as detailed as the one just shared by @evleaks. It suggests that the dual-camera handset will be offered in a gold flavor when it arrives on March 25th, alongside the rumored silver and black options. Furthermore, the source -- who has a generally reliable track record -- claims to know how the new phone will be branded. It'll apparently skirt around tricky numerical conventions by adopting a slightly Apple-esque alternative: the "All New HTC One." A name like that should roll right off the tongue, shouldn't it?

Update: One of HTC's press and marketing guys has just responded to @evleaks with a big fat "LOL" in regards to the "All New" branding claim. Make of it what you will, but perhaps we could be looking at an "HTC One Two" after all.