Microsoft invites Xbox One users to test the March update

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The March update for Xbox One, which streamlines friends list and party chat functionality, will go into beta testing soon. Microsoft is inviting a select number of Xbox Live users by sending them registration tokens starting today, and will follow up with a download for the beta version of the update next week.

Beta testers will be able to provide feedback through a private section of the Xbox forums and may choose to opt out of any future Xbox One update preview events. "We're counting on our fans to share their input as we're putting the final touches on the new features that we plan to deliver in early March," Xbox Live's Major Nelson wrote in the Xbox Wire announcement post.

The Xbox One March update, which is due for wide release prior to the launch of Titanfall on March 11, aims to revert social functionality to a state similar to that of the Xbox 360. This update will give Xbox One users a more direct path to see which of their friends is online, rather than the current confusing system bogged down by unnecessary extra menus. Also, all Xbox One multiplayer games following this update will employ more standardized options to quickly enlist the aid of Xbox Live friends through game invites.
[Image: Microsoft]
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