Ford reportedly dropping Windows in favor of QNX for next-gen Sync software

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Dana Wollman
February 23rd, 2014
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Ford reportedly dropping Windows in favor of QNX for next-gen Sync software

Forget the fact that Ford CEO Alan Mulally was reportedly a contender for the Microsoft CEO job: the two companies have long had a cozy relationship, with Ford using Windows to power its in-car Sync software. That could change, though, if this story from Bloomberg is correct. The news agency is reporting that Ford plans to ditch Windows for its next-gen Sync system and base it on BlackBerry's QNX instead. In particular, Bloomberg's sources claim that a move to QNX would be more cost-effective, and also lead to potential improvements in "speed and flexibility."

Indeed, the performance could be the deciding factor here: Ford has rated the quality of its vehicles "mixed" for the last three years, according to Bloomberg, with customers complaining about tech malfunctions in customer satisfaction surveys by J.D. Power & Associates and Consumer Reports. For now, Ford, BlackBerry and Microsoft have all declined comment. If the report is true, though, Ford would find itself in good company: luxury brands like Audi and BMW already use QNX in their in-car systems.

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