Google and LG are reportedly working together on an Android smartwatch

Rumors of a Google-powered smartwatch just got a little more tangible -- both CNET and the Wall Street Journal claim that the search firm is teaming up with LG to make the Android-based wristwear. We still don't know much about the hardware's capabilities, but CNET believes that Google would follow the Nexus model and create a reference device that would launch at Google I/O in June. The WSJ notes that other manufacturers could also join the fray. None of the companies involved have commented on the rumor so far, so you won't want to start budgeting for the gadget just yet. However, a Google-badged, LG-made smartwatch would make sense when the two companies have enjoyed success making phones like the Nexus 5, and LG is already designing wearables like the Lifeband Touch.