Daily App: Numerity is a twist on the paint by numbers game


Numerity from Zedarus Entertainment takes a paint by numbers game and turns it into an entertaining puzzle game that challenges you to find the object hidden in a cluster of numbers.

The gameplay is easy, which may be a turn off for folks looking for more than a hidden numbers game. In each round, you are presented with numerals in a series. You must find each numeral and tap on it to highlight it on your screen.

It's not easy as it sounds as the numbers are clustered together in a jumbled mess. You must scan and zoom to find the correct numeral hidden on the screen. When you have located all the numerals in the series, the app zooms out on your canvas and reveals the character you have outlined on the screen. You are scored based upon the amount of time it takes you to solve each puzzle. If you do well, you are rewarded with stars and coins, which can be used to purchase hints if needed.


Playing Numerity is an interesting experience as you have relaxing music in the background and a timer on the screen that tracks how long you take to solve a puzzle. You want to relax while scanning for numbers, but that timer ticking in the corner reminds you must do it quickly.

Numerity is available from the iOS App Store for US$0.99. It is compatible with the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or later. There are no ads, but the game does include in-app purchases for coins.