ETA is a helpful app for estimating your arrival time

ETA (U$1.99 on sale for a brief time) is a helpful app that estimates the driving time from your current location to your destination, taking local traffic tie-ups into consideration.

To get started, you type in the name or address of a destination, clicking the '+' button to add it to your list. Once that's done, your location appears on a map. If you type a fairly common name, like Olive Garden, you may see more than one location. Check the one that has the address you want.

When you tap on your saved location, you'll get an option to get directions and the app launches Apple Maps, Google Maps (If you have it on your iPhone) or Waze (if you have that app).

One of the nice things about ETA is that you can get driving times to multiple locations with a glance. As traffic conditions change, those driving estimates change as well.

Of course you can get estimated driving time in Apple Maps, Google Maps or other navigation apps, but it takes several steps. Here, all your favorite destinations with driving times are listed as soon as you launch the app.

There are a couple of things that would make this excellent app even better. If you want a home address or anyone else's that is not a business, you have to type it in manually. It would be oh-so-much-better if the app had access to your contacts. Also, your list is in chronological order by when you entered the locations. I would like to be able to edit the order of the list, perhaps putting my home at the top.

Other than that, ETA is an extremely useful app that I will use all the time. It's the kind of thing Apple should build into Maps. Yes there are bookmarks, but this is far better than fumbling around with buttons in maps.

ETA requires iOS 7 or later. It's not universal, but should work on any Apple hardware that supports iOS 7. ETA is optimized for the iPhone 5. I like it.