Gamefly tries adding movie rentals to its disc-by-mail service

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Sean Buckley
March 4th, 2014
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Gamefly tries adding movie rentals to its disc-by-mail service
Netflix may have flinched at the prospect of maintaining its disc-by-mail service, but GameFly seems to be embracing it. On April 4th, the company will begin shipping DVD and Blu-ray discs to customers with a 2-game (or higher) GameFly subscription. The program is a test, Gamefly CEO Dave Hodess told VentureBeat, launched in the wake of subscriber pleas for film rentals. It's free for now -- piggybacking on the company's existing game distribution network -- but Hodess says that Gamefly will monitor the test and tweak the program as needed. While we don't know how large the company's film library is just yet, the beta presents an interesting alternative for folks who miss the duality of Blockbuster's defunct disc service.
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