Internet darling Goat Simulator crashes into Steam on April Fool's Day

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Internet darling Goat Simulator crashes into Steam on April Fool's Day
Coffee Stain Studios, the indie developers behind bizarre Joystiq fixation Goat Simulator, have revealed a release date for the odd little game: April 1 - appropriately, April Fool's Day.

Alongside the release date, the developers have also revealed a bit of additional information on Goat Simulator. Thanks to the game's website we now know that Goat Simulator will only appear on PC, and that it will not feature any multiplayer functionality. While Coffee Stain Studios plans to keep the core gameplay in Goat Simulator "small and silly," the developer is working on adding Steam Workshop support so that players can create new levels for their four-legged avatars to ruin in a flurry of barnyard hijinks.

Goat Simulator has yet to appear on Steam, but Coffee Stain Studios is still allowing prospective virtual goats to pre-order the game via its website. The asking price is $10, but includes access to a beta test for those who can't wait to live out their inexplicable dreams of being antisocial livestock.
[Image: Coffee Stain Studios]
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