Monaco tops 750K sold, makes off with $215K in Humble Bundle 11

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Monaco tops 750K sold, makes off with $215K in Humble Bundle 11
Sales of the neon stealth game Monaco have hit 750,000 following its inclusion in Humble Indie Bundle 11. During the bundle bonanza, Monaco earned approximately $215,000, developer Andy Schatz writes in a rundown on his blog. "That's a nice hefty sum," he adds.

Monaco was one of the "beat the average" games, meaning customers had to pay more than roughly $4.70 to get it. The entire bundle earned $2.3 million from 494,000 units, and of those, 370,000 were "beat the average" purchases that included Monaco. Most customers chose to distribute their payment with the default settings of 65 percent to developers, 20 percent to charity and 15 to Humble, and with six developers plus three mid-week additions, Schatz walked with 8 percent of the total payments.

During the Humble sale, Schatz tracked Monaco's Steam numbers to see if sales there would drop – and they didn't. "Despite the huge number of units that we sold in the Humble Bundle, it doesn't appear that our presence in the HIB affected our day-to-day Steam revenue," he writes. "Why is this? My guess is that customers tend to be loyal to sales channels."

Schatz told Joystiq near the beginning of Humble Indie Bundle 11 that he'd never been disappointed with Monaco's sales, even though XBLA numbers fell below his expectations.

"Prior to HIB11, we had sold about 375,000 units across all platforms, with XBLA accounting for about 10 percent of those," he said. "Part of the strength of our PC sales have been the huge free updates (of which we have planned one final one, which will wrap up the storyline of the Gentleman and his crew). No plans at the moment for a sequel; I'm actually just beginning work on our next title."
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