Angry Birds goes medieval in mysterious 'epic' tease

The above video comes courtesy of Angry Birds creator Rovio, who unveiled the brief footage alongside the following description: "Perhaps the most Epic soft launch ever - whatever that means!?"

It's unclear what exactly Rovio is teasing here, though fan site Angry Birds Nest offers a convincing argument in favor of a fantasy-themed Angry Birds entry based on clues found in a separate Rovio video from late last year. Among a handful of screenshots pulled from the earlier clip are depictions of birds new to the series, potential vehicles for racer Angry Birds Go, and, most notably given today's teaser, a silhouette that depicts familiar Angry Birds characters in stereotypical fantasy gear. There's a wizard with a pointy hat and robe, a fighter with sword and horned helmet and an archer who appears to prefer deformed marshmallows to deadly arrowheads.

While all of this is circumstantial speculation, until Rovio decides to explain this new teaser we don't have much else to go on. Our attempts to pry more information from the publisher were unsuccessful, and in place of a useful explanation we have been instructed to "wait and see."

[Image: Rovio]